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Flood Relief Work in Orissa by Pratham and AID India

Response from Pratham & AID India

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– A summary of flood damage is given in appendix


Acting promptly AID India assured to release rupees 6.0 lakhs for the immediate relief work. Employees of Pratham Orissa donated their one day salary amounting to Rs. 47,227.00 for the flood relief. Locally mobilized / collected Rs. 25,272.00 through individual donation/collections from various towns, distrit headquarters etc. A lot of donation was collected by volunteers in kind also.

In this crucial hour of need our volunteers contributed immensely by providing suo motto help from their side to help in facilitating and distributing the relief materials.

Our efforts to mitigate the sufferings of the people were mainly concentrated on the following Points.

  • To Mobilize Pratham volunteers & to assist them to visit the flood ravaged areas to actively participate, contribute and help the Govt. & local People in the flood relief, rescue & resettlement programme.
  • To despatch dry foods such as Chuda (pressed/flattened rice), Sugar, Biscuits etc to flood affected areas and to distribute them to the flood victims.
  • To assist and help the authorities of local government in providing cooked foods & in some places where we felt it necessary to provide cooked food from our side, we had provided the same.
  • To conduct medical camps in the flood ravaged areas.
  • To spread the awareness among the people about various compensatory measures taken by the Govt. and to help those people who need our help and assistance in this regard.
  • To act as a resource center to the administration in providing critical information regarding relief, rescue & resettlement programme in one hand and to act as a medium to ventilate or channelize the grievances, the need & aspiration of the people to the administration on the other hand.
  • To help distributing through our volunteers Bleaching Powder, Halogen Tablets, ORS, Medicines as and when required by the local administrative authorities and in some places from our sides also

Download the full report

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DAV School provides relief to flood victims

Pioneer News Service

A 40-member team of Pokhariput DAV School, under the leadership of School Disaster Management Committee chief Subhranshu Mohan Dash, provided relief to the flood victims at Nirmala village near Teisipur in Puri district during Dussehra. They distributed flattened rice, rice, sugar, polythene, clothes, matchboxes and candles among the affected villagers.

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JSPL donates Rs 2 crore for houses of flood victims

Pioneer News Service | Bhubaneswar

Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL), one of the leading industrial houses of the country, has contributed Rs 2 crore to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for reconstruction of the houses for the flood-affected people.

The cheque of the amount was handed over by the company’s Vice-Chairman-cum-Chief Executive Officer Vikrant Gujral and Executive Director Rajesh Kumar Jha to Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Friday.

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Flood hit farmer ends life


Devastated over total crops loss during the recent floods, a 50-year-old farmer in Kendrapada district committed suicide on Friday.
The deceased, Nagamani Swain of Hatia village of Manikunda gram panchayat, was owner of an acre farmland, had also taken to tenant farming of paddy crops in two more acres from other landowners that was completely damaged in the recent floods.

To add to his woes, the flood-induced sand-casting of the field turned it unfit for cultivation of the rabi crop.

He had borrowed heavily from moneylenders to raise the kharif crop and his inability to repay the loans drove him to end his life. He took pesticides to commit suicide. He was rushed to the district headquarters hospital at Kendrapara where he died while undergoing treatment.

Had there been no flood my husband might have been able to repay the money by selling the paddy after the harvest. He committed suicide due to crop loss. Now, after the demise of our family head, I and my three children are groping in the dark, said Nagamani’s wife with tears rolling down her cheeks.
A high-level district official said the alleged suicide of the farmer is being inquired into. Measures are afoot to compensate his family members, he added.

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Flood Report

by Chinmaya Kumar Mohapatra

Flood Report (PDF)

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Pratham Odisha Keonjhar team collected relief from Keonjhar town

Keonjhar: Pratham Odisha, Keonjhar has undertaken relief operation for the flood victims in the coastal regions of the State. The team has collected Rs 27000.00 and 4 quintals of rice, Chuda relief at various places of Orissa. Team of Volunteers comprised of Ms Suchitra Sen, Pravati Roul, Sunil Giri, Panchanan, Gyanaranjan, Sudarsan take the leadership for the collection of relief from Keonjhar town.

Ashok kumar Paikaray

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OMC provides relief for second time

Bhubaneswar: The Orissa Mining Corporation (OMC) distributed relief materials for the second time in the flood-affected areas. Three trucks were used for distributing the relief commodities, one of them in Badabetra gram panchayat under Garadpur block of Kendrapara district, the second in Bandal panchayat under Banki block of Cuttack district and the other in Teisipur, Mangalpur and Jasuapur panchayats under Pipli block in Puri district. The OMC also organised relief in Avayamukhi panchayat of Delang block and distributed essential commodities such as sarees, towels, chuda, jaggery, biscuits, candles, match boxes and salt.

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Nalco provides medical relief to flood victims

Bhubaneswar: National Aluminium Company Limited (Nalco) has undertaken medical relief operation for the flood victims in the coastal regions of the State. The company has sent a team of doctors and paramedical staffs to examine and provide medical relief at various places of Banki, Delanga and Kanasa blocks. The medical team examined about 2,000 patients and distributed medicines and mineral bottles worth Rs 2 lakh. Team of doctors comprised of Dr Amarjeet Mohanty, Dr Sourav Das and Dr AK Panda, while paramedical staffs included Ranjan Behera, Pitambar Tudu and Pramod Lenka


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CM visits flood-hit areas in Puri dist

Pioneer News Service | Puri

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik inspected the free-meal camp at Indipur under Delang block and interacted with the flood victims, who need running of free kitchen for more days, during his visit to the flood-ravaged areas of Puri district on Saturday. The people are homeless as their villages remained marooned till date.

Naveen Patnaik extended the relief for another seven days and assured people for immediate provision of house damage funds. Naveen Patnaik asked the officials to restore the power supply as soon as possible and directed the engineers to repair the damaged roads. The CM was accompanied by local legislator Pradeep Maharathy, Satyabadi MLA Ramaranjan Baliarsingh, Zilla Parishad president Sankarshan Parida, District Magistrate BJ Sharma and SP Asit Kumar Panigrahi

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Aditya Birla Group gears up for flood relief measures

Bhubaneswar: As a mark of solidarity with the flood-affected people of the state, the Aditya Birla Group has announced a contribution of Rs 5 crore towards relief and reconstruction purpose.
The contribution is the highest one, so far, by any corporate house as aid for the flood-hit populace in the state.
The Group’s contribution was conveyed to the chief secretary by Ravi Kastia, managing director of Essel mining and industries limited, an Aditya Birla Group Company recently.
Such a contribution was in response to the appeal of the chief secretary in a meeting of the industries at the state secretariat few days ago, a company spokesman said.

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Update on flood situation in Orissa

We had a meeting at Pratham office in Cuttack to take stock of the flood situation, relief work and our plan for the the rehabilitation phase. About 50 bloock coordinators of Patham along with about 10 district coordinators and 5 zonal cordinators and others attended the meeting. We also had representatives of UNICEF who attended the meeting to explore possibility of opening informal education centers in worst hit areas of the flood zone until schools are back to normal.

In the morning, a brief motivational training session was organised by Madhusudan Das (ex-AID Saathi and National Youth Project Coordinator) to motivate the volunteers for engaging in flood relief work with energy and enthusiasm. He also shared his considerable experience of working in disasters such as the Super Cyclone. Following the training every one present wrote a one page report on their experience of the flood in their area and the work they have been engaged in the last 10 days. Subsequently, 10 small groups were made under leadership of district coordinators to go out and collect donations from public in Cuttack city. A total Rs. 5087/- in cash was raised and a lot of
materials such as clothes, biscuit packets, medicines etc. where collected in large quantity. The experience of interacting with the public was very instructive. For example the team that I was with collected donations from shops and petrol pump and passers by. People invariably helped with amounts ranging from 50p to 100 Rs. Most of them shared their experience of the flood as many of them either were from nearby flood affected villages. People with tears in their eyes described how they had to pull out their near and dear ones from the flood and how they have been sending help to their near and dear ones. While many cursed politicians and professional social workers who use the disasters for their personal benefits, but everybody appreciated Pratham’s work and helped to their capability. It was a great opportunity to raise consciousness and awareness about the plight of flood affected.

It was decided to take up the following work in the next phase:

  1. A list of about 58 sites were selected to start Alternative Learning Centers for Chidlren in relief camps and or badly damaged villages wih non-functional schools. One or two volunteers from the area will be engaged in this work under supervision of block coordinators. A honorarium of Rs. 250/- per volunteer will be paid for one month or until situation improves significantly.
  2. 2. The package of compensation announced by government will be printed and distributed to all volunteers (10000 copies) so that people would be aware about the compensation package. Pratham volunteers will help those who are unable to get the compensation due to various difficulties and corruption.
  3. A letter was given to BDO of different blocks to involve Prathama and its vounteers in the ongoing relief work – particularly in distribution of bleaching powder and halogen tablets to help purify contaminated water bodies in villages.

At the end of the meeting each Block cordinator left with a packet of relief materials and Teaching Learning materials for use in his/herrespective areas.

So far an expense of 1.63 lakhs has been incurred from the funds made available by AID. A break up of the expenses will be provided in a day or two.

Dhanada Misrha

Affected Area List for Non Formal Learning Centers

Sl District Name Block Name Grama Panchyat Village Name
1 Khurda Balianta Prataprudrapur Talaharijan Sahi
2 Khurda Balipatana Pampola Gadabantapur
3 Khurda Jatani Pradhan Sahi Pradhan Sahi
4 Nayagarh Bhapur Fatepur Manipur
5 Nayagarh Bhapur Karbar Badabar
6 Baudh Kantamal Ghantapada Ghantapada
7 Jagasinghpur Kujanga Sailo Teramanpur
8 Jagasinghpur Biridi Ukundara Ukundara
9 Jagasinghpur Biridi Purana Chuasikhanda
10 Jagasinghpur Tirtol Kanimul Lankapada
11 Bhadrak Dhamnagar Khadipada Khadipada
12 Puri Astaranga Nagar Dakhinapantala
13 Puri Pipil Teisipur Teisipur
14 Puri Delanga Siripurustampur Bidharpur
15 Puri Delanga Jenapur Jenapr
16 Puri Nimapara Salanga Odual
17 Puri Nimapara Badasirubula Badagaon
18 Jajpur Binjharpur Ranapur Naranpur
19 Jajpur Bianjharpur Ranapur Kantipur
20 Jajpur Bianjharpur Chadramua Malipur
21 Jajpur Dhamasala Patunia patunia
22 Jajpur Dhamasala Patunia Hamjapur
23 Jajpur Badachana Arakhapur Arakhapur
24 Jajpur Rasulpur Rahama Sukudeipur
25 Jajpur Bari Kalamatia Jorkul
26 Jajpur Dasarathpur Dattapur NarayanPur
27 Jajpur Korai Bandola Balia
28 Jajpur Korai Mulapal Salaba
29 Jajpur Jajpur Malaanandapur Arakhita Adibasi Sahi
30 Jajpur Jajpur Similia Sathiatikiri
31 Jajpur Jajpur Sandapur Madhapur
32 Jajpur Jajpur Nath Sahi Nath Sahi
33 Kendrapara Kendrapara Kalapada Tunupur
34 Kendrapara Kendrapara Kalapada Samagudia
35 Kendrapara Kendrapara Shyamsundarpur Jutaali
36 Kendrapara Kendrapara Shyamsundarpur Maradpur
37 Kendrapara Mahakalapara Baulakani Baulakani
38 Kendrapara Mahakalapara Ramnagar Pitapata
39 Kendrapara Mahakalapara Khurusia Khurusia
40 Kendrapara Mahakalapara Patalipanka Patali
41 Kendrapara Garadapur Bangalpur Sanasalar
42 Kendrapara Garadapur Bangalpur Lunakarandia Iland
43 Kendrapara Marhaghai Jalapaka Jalapaka
44 Kendrapara Marhaghai Jalapaka Smrutipur
45 Kendrapara Marhaghai jainpada jainpada
46 Kendrapara Marhaghai Antei Antei
47 Cuttack Kantapara Postala Sudusalio
48 Cuttack Kantapara Postala Andei Sahi
49 Cuttack Narsinghpur Padamal Padamal
50 Cuttack Narsinghpur Debabhuin kandhala
51 Cuttack Narsinghpur Debabhuin Bhusuka
52 Cuttack Narsinghpur kamaladhiha Ranibhuin Gaon
53 Cuttack Tigiria Badanauput Khandahata
54 Cuttack Cuttack Sadar Barala Chanduli
55 Cuttack Salepur Mutaripha Athamania
56 Cuttack Salepur Mutaripha Kothobada
57 Cuttack Salepur Champati Gopinathpur
58 Cuttack Salepur Champati Bateswar

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Complicated procedure discourages donation to CM’s fund

Pioneer News Service | Bhubaneswar

After waters have started receding in most of the flood-hit areas, the miseries of the people have been exposed to the outer world. In order to provide relief to people, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has appealed to the people to generously donate money to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF). Following the appeal, there is a flow of funds to the CMRF.

One will witness how the people everyday is making a queue outside the Chief Minister’s office to hand over the draft to the Chief Minister. After the handing over of cheques to the Chief Minister, calls are made to reporters of various newspapers to Read More…

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Dahibada sellers barred from distributing relief in Balianta

Pioneer News Service | Bhubaneswar

Apprehending dahibada and aludam to be hygienically harmful to the flood victims, the district administration did not permit the city Dahibada Sellers Union to distribute those among the flood victims in Balianta block.

Loading the relief items, including 200 vessels of dahibada, 40 bags of water pouches, 100 litres of milk and 5,000 biscuit packets in a truck as many as 200 authorised dahibada sellers in the city moved to the flood-hit areas to distribute among the affected people.

However, they had to return with their items, as the district administration did not let them distribute those among the flood victims.

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Flood reports of Banki on 29th Sep 2008

Jagannath Panda, AID India

Today we have successfully conducted a medical camp with help of Pragyan Mission at Karabara. The medical team comprised of two doctors & two pharmacists apart from our volunteers and the co-ordinator from Pragyan Mission. We have provided from our side the lunch, tiffins and all required logistics for its successful completion. More than 420 people had been medically checked up and were provided with the medicines. We have tried to focus our operation on the most vulnerable sections of the flood affected victims.
Read More…

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APOWA Flood Activities Report

Helping about a disaster’s most innocent and defenseless victims — the animals

It is day 9, since our team has been working restlessly to provide relief to the surviving animals. Overall flood situation in the state is improving with the receding of the water in the affected districts. But the situation in Gardpur and Marsaghai blocks of Kendrapara districts remains grim. The extent of the devastation exceeded anybody’s wildest imaginations. The current floods, which have called the worst in living memory for coastal districts, have not only killed many of people and displaced hundreds of thousands more but have also hurt and Read More…

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Flood Affected Report of Balangir District 2008

From: Pradip Pradhan

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Flood-Cooked food sent for Kanash Block, Puri

After learning that flood water has not receded in Kansh Block till date, we have prepared food for 800 people at Maa Bhubaneswari Temple Kharavelanagar and dispatched in packets to Kanash Block yesterday.(Pic. enclosed). Around 50 organizations were around that place and distributing flood relief materials. All organizations were volunteer organizations of nearby places. At least one thing is clear now that such fire fighting situation after flood can be handled by “Bhaichara” of Odia brotherhood. Subsequently major help such as crop damage, home stead and other losses can be supported by State & Central Government Authorites.
Read More…

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Class I student donates savings to flood victims

Class I student donates savings to flood victims
Pioneer News Service | Jajpur

Five-year-old Shushri Panthika Samal, a Class one student of Saraswati Sishu Mandir of Singhpur in Jajpur district, donated all her savings worth Rs 549 to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for the flood victims through the Additional District Magistrate here on Saturday. She is the daughter of Prasant Kumar Samal and Sabita Samal.

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Appeal from Orissa Govt. of Orissa for Donation

  1. Appeal for Donation to Flood Victims (in English) (PDF)
  2. Appeal for Donation to Flood Victims (in Odia) (PDF)
  3. List of Donors (PDF)
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Pics: Kendrapara

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