Posted by: orissafloods | September 30, 2008

Complicated procedure discourages donation to CM’s fund

Pioneer News Service | Bhubaneswar

After waters have started receding in most of the flood-hit areas, the miseries of the people have been exposed to the outer world. In order to provide relief to people, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has appealed to the people to generously donate money to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF). Following the appeal, there is a flow of funds to the CMRF.

One will witness how the people everyday is making a queue outside the Chief Minister’s office to hand over the draft to the Chief Minister. After the handing over of cheques to the Chief Minister, calls are made to reporters of various newspapers to publish their small contributions to the CMRF. On the condition of anonymity, officials of an NGO pointed out that they want to record all their activities. “If we aren’t able to publish our activities, we won’t be able to get funds from outside,” he said.

But the pertinent question is that how one without being recognised would be able to donate to the CMRF. There are many silent peace activists working abroad and outside the State who wants to donate money but find the procedure to tough to donate the money.

There is no simple procedure for it. Though, the Government has made a number of advertisements to donate generously to the fund, but it has not mentioned in which account an Oriya settled in the USA or anywhere else abroad would transfer the money. In a similar case, inquiries have revealed that not a single official of the Special Relief Commission has that number also.

The officials point out that all the contributions to the Relief Fund shall be received in shape of MO or bank draft and cheque. The General Administration (GA) Department officials have maintained the account.As per the procedure, if one wants to donate money either he has to donate it through a draft or a cheque. But he cannot transfer the money through net banking.

When senior officials of the GA Department were asked how to solve the matter, they assured that if one wants to get the account number of the CMRF, he would be given that number. “No one has the time to go to the Secretariat to collect the account number,” said Pratap Sahu.

Prakash Das, a computer professional, staying aboard, wonders in the age of net banking how the State Government forgets to give the CMRF’s account number in its site and in the advertisement issued to papers. “We don’t have the time to go to bank and issue a draft. At the time of net banking, we just want to transfer the money to the CMRF within a second. We don’t want to give money to any individual or to any NGOs,” he said, adding that even if we want to serve the State at this time, the complicated procedure has discouraged us.

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