Posted by: orissafloods | September 30, 2008

Flood reports of Banki on 29th Sep 2008

Jagannath Panda, AID India

Today we have successfully conducted a medical camp with help of Pragyan Mission at Karabara. The medical team comprised of two doctors & two pharmacists apart from our volunteers and the co-ordinator from Pragyan Mission. We have provided from our side the lunch, tiffins and all required logistics for its successful completion. More than 420 people had been medically checked up and were provided with the medicines. We have tried to focus our operation on the most vulnerable sections of the flood affected victims.

Most of the people who are benefitted from this medical camp belonged to the lower strata or lower echelon of the society, who have neither the resources nor the will power to face the flood related problems in general, & health and hygienic problems in particular. They were fully ignorant about the flood related health hazards. We made them aware about various water borne diseases and also told them how to use or disinfect the drinking water. This gives me an immense pleasure to report you that our volunteers have really enjoyed to educate the ignorant, illiterate people about the health & hygienic problems which will be eventually very helpful to them even after the flood.

There, we have also distributed 5 biscuits per family. As far as our information is concerned, there are 5 Panchayats of Banki, in opposite side of River Mahanadi adjacent to Athagarh, where till now no medical team has reached. It is worth while to mention here that out of the 9 breaches in the embankment that occurred in Banki, 8 of them were in the opposite side of the river. So people in
those areas are really vulnerable to diseases, more particularly to the water borne diseases like diarrhea & are susceptible to fungal, bacterial and viral infections. We are planning to conduct a mega
health camp in that area from our side, from which people of all 5 Panchayats will be benefitted. Our expected expenditure will be around Rs 30,000.00. I will appreciate your guidance & approval to carry on this operation.

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