Posted by: orissafloods | October 16, 2008

Flood Relief Work in Orissa by Pratham and AID India

Response from Pratham & AID India

Download the full report

– A summary of flood damage is given in appendix


Acting promptly AID India assured to release rupees 6.0 lakhs for the immediate relief work. Employees of Pratham Orissa donated their one day salary amounting to Rs. 47,227.00 for the flood relief. Locally mobilized / collected Rs. 25,272.00 through individual donation/collections from various towns, distrit headquarters etc. A lot of donation was collected by volunteers in kind also.

In this crucial hour of need our volunteers contributed immensely by providing suo motto help from their side to help in facilitating and distributing the relief materials.

Our efforts to mitigate the sufferings of the people were mainly concentrated on the following Points.

  • To Mobilize Pratham volunteers & to assist them to visit the flood ravaged areas to actively participate, contribute and help the Govt. & local People in the flood relief, rescue & resettlement programme.
  • To despatch dry foods such as Chuda (pressed/flattened rice), Sugar, Biscuits etc to flood affected areas and to distribute them to the flood victims.
  • To assist and help the authorities of local government in providing cooked foods & in some places where we felt it necessary to provide cooked food from our side, we had provided the same.
  • To conduct medical camps in the flood ravaged areas.
  • To spread the awareness among the people about various compensatory measures taken by the Govt. and to help those people who need our help and assistance in this regard.
  • To act as a resource center to the administration in providing critical information regarding relief, rescue & resettlement programme in one hand and to act as a medium to ventilate or channelize the grievances, the need & aspiration of the people to the administration on the other hand.
  • To help distributing through our volunteers Bleaching Powder, Halogen Tablets, ORS, Medicines as and when required by the local administrative authorities and in some places from our sides also

Download the full report

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