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4 Oct 2008

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The floods are of unprecedented dimension and it is not an exaggeration to compare it with the kosi floods in Bihar.

— Chief Secretary, Orissa.

  • Districts Affected by Flood: 17
  • No. of Blocks Affected: 114
  • No. of Villages Affected: 3700
  • Crop Area Affected: 2,00,000 Hec
  • Population Affected: 25 lakh
  • Animals affected: 6,59,362(Cattle-3, 20,292, Goat, sheep etc-1, 22,268, Others-1, 16,802)
  • Persons rescued-2.66 lakh
  • Flood relief has extended for 15 days
  • Death toll- 25
  • Breaches- > 28
  • This flood havoc after 28 years
  • 45 gram panchayats have disconnected
  • Three more helicopters sought
  • Schools have closed till Tuesdays
  • Move restricted in flood affected roads
  • Damage has exceeded form recent Bihar flood
  • Chief minister asked centre from CRF worth of Rs1500 crores
  • Initial estimate of damage may be worth of Rs 2500 crores
  • Puri- 850 viiages comprising6 lakh people- and cut off from road
  • Athagada has been completely cut off
  • One government sevarnt was died while taking relief in country boat, named Surendra Swain
  • One youth was swept away in state capital
  • Two deaths occurred in Jagatsingpur due to 11 breaches
  • Blocks affected: Gardapur, Marsaghai, Mahakalpara, Derabish, Pattamundai, Kendrapara , Aul, Rajaknika, Rajanagar
  • Around 300000 are in flood water
  • Kendrapada District: No of breaches is 6 ,
    Banki. Khandapada,kantilo, bhapur – 200000 pople are in the flood water
  • In western orissa more than 2000 acrea have damaged due flood water.
  • Bhawanipatana, rayagada, boudh, sonepue disconnected due to road breached


  1. Hi,
    I would like to know how to contribute to the flood relief. I am currently residing in USA and will try to generate donations here.


  2. i am in jamshedpur my father is in serious condition in vizianagram in AP. is road condition ok, in between cuttack to vizianagram? please mail me.

  3. Hi,

    Do you have any on-line payment system for flood donation. If you have, pelase forward so that it can be circulated among our group in Singapore.

    OR let me know any alternative method.


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