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  1. I am cittizen of banki. I shoot the some flood ariea photo

  2. mostly Luna Karandia Island people are victims of ANNUAL flood inMahanadi system .Crores of rupees were spent on flood control successivi govt. plnned flood control undermining the ground situation & the opinion of the victims . Clossing the Mouth of River Karandia & digging the river bed of Luna ‘& constructing FLOOD PROTECTION EMBANKMENT onboth sides of two river must solve flood problem in this island. Regarding 2008 flood it is the ever highest flood the island people experience till today the victims were not able to get any help out side upto 26th sept Available of boat is amajore difficulty District adminstration unable even suply drinkig water though the isla is the only area facing flood even 8 lakh quesec water in mahanadi &at Naraj Govt .cares alittle for thevictims &for thearea . which can be considerd as un democratic. All political peo ple know about the problem . Officers of Water Resourses . Osdma REvenue Are remain silence as if they the suporter of the divastaion in the island. Soit is now high time to raise voice unitedly by the activist .ngo . buroucrats to solve the inhuman practice of the govt.Distribution of relief is atemporary &humane effort by we all . Lets unite for abrite Orissa . Thanks

  3. Hi:
    This is Bikash..
    I am a permanent resident of Narasinghpur
    If Possible pls update all the news of narasinghpur

  4. Sakar and its volunteers alongwith Rajendra Vihar owners’ welfare society collected 5 tons of material work food, clothes and distributed them on 2nd October 2008 in flood affected areas/villages of Banki block. Similarly, Art of Living Apex Body of Orissa, particularly Bhubaneswar Chapter distributed food packets and set up Medical camps in flood affected areas of Delang Block, Bhagamari Adivasi Sahi from 26th October to 4th November 2008

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